Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bang Bus - Large And In Charge What Do These Weird Things About Me Mean?

What do these weird things about me mean? - bang bus - large and in charge

I am 14 and still kind of playing with dolls. I am very creative and resourceful: I write a novel. I have a stuffed big old dog, I want, is often a child or something and make stories with him at night in my bed. I was also often a "sign" when I do on the bus or in school, and so, I'm someone else.
Another is strange that I bang my head and walk into my pillow. I've always moves the head or foot from top to bottom, and I have since I was a child. Usually they will do with music, with the head of the nature of the way (keep), but (with my foot and sometimes my head is too) is almost reassuring that even be possessed as a little because I urgently bed to do sometimes. What can that be?


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