Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wood Swing Set Blueprints Any Advice For Purchasing A Wood Swing Set?

Any advice for purchasing a wood swing set? - wood swing set blueprints

I think buying a wooden swing Costco has anyone ever tried this?


jonmm said...

When buying a wooden swing, make sure it is a good quality wood, sun and rain will survive for many years. Make sure that you are covered in a good paint or varnish to protect the wood. Check to ensure all the furniture, they are resilient. Check to ensure the weight limits in order to grow the support of their children, as they do.

Luey said...

Designed and built my own for years with my children, after he satisfied with what was there. I have 4x4 and 3x3s instead of 4x6s instead of 2x6s since 2 I bought a sliding compound miter saw from 10 cm to make precision cuts in all woods. I ended up with a litter box includes hinged plywood under the tower, with benches along the edges of sitting in a stairwell, and a gutter made of wood. Based on 16 meters was 4x6 rudder forms at the end of the 3 4x4 Cross with 3 4x6s at different heights provide a framework established at a time. All the wood came to less than $ 1,000, and the saw was $ 500. I am sure that there are about $ 3000 to $ 5000 range if you can find the same. You can not even buy from CCA wood is forbidden, so I do not know how to properly treat the wood today, but I am ok, no stains or finishes.

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