Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Welcome Note Samples Can Someone Please Translate This Note From Tagalog Into English?

Can someone please translate this note from Tagalog into English? - welcome note samples

My uncle is a fish pond in the building of the Baguio City, and wanted to have an attorney in Tagalog and English. Well, it's a big problem because they can neither read nor write in Tagalog and I do not understand. However, I still like to help my uncle. If someone would be so willing to help me translate your message will appear in English, really appreciate it. Thank you in advance. =]

Example of the message from my uncle
"Dear friends,

Kayongo ko Dahil marami sa mga Kaibigan, happy na ko maaring tumawag Muna Bago pumunta kayo for pagsabay maiwasan Sabay-ang hindi na magkakilala. N random visitors without appointments. "

If there is a better and more sensitive way to describe the intended meaning, I welcome. Thank you again! = D


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