Monday, February 15, 2010

Best Nerf Gun To Modify What Is The Best Way To File Down Plastic?

What is the best way to file down plastic? - best nerf gun to modify

I'm editing a Nerf gun, and there are a few plastic pieces presented below. I thought of sandpaper, but it seems it might take some time and wondered if things do not work a tool or an archive of happiness / Sander grind better than the hand.


ganmerla... said...

All of the above methods work well, and you can also use a Dremel Cheap Knock-Dremel with sanding boards. The advantage with Dremel type tools is that they are useful for many other things, too. Polishing, drilling, cutting, etc., with the right bits in place. You might get a few hundred Dremel Nice set or as little as $ 20 for a device on behalf of Rotary. Dremel bits would be for all.

nerfguy9... said...

A Dremel / roterytool can be available for $ 40-100 is a bit of money, but if properly used can be hundreds of times and the forceps

StevenQ said...

I went with the emery board, the kind that is connected to a foam core. And the wet sand, such as styrene is toxic dust. Keep the soil moist and clean the work of the Council in a bowl with water when it is loaded.

GiggleGi... said...

You need a metal file. This works better for me. I have a close to the shops and the plastic has very quickly:)

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