Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If You Put A Bimetallic Strip In Ice 1. A Bimetallic Strip Can Be Found Where?

1. A bimetallic strip can be found where? - if you put a bimetallic strip in ice

1. A bi-metal is where?
A. In a thermostat oven.
B. fillings for teeth.
C. After a long steel bridge
D. At the end joints of the railway

2. What would be the final temperature of 100 grams of water at 30 ° C with 50 g of water at 60 ° C?
a. 30 ° C
b. 40 ° C
c. 45 ° C
d. 60 ° C

3. Two identical blocks of iron, one at 10 ° C and the other at 20 ° C, contact them. Suppopose cooler block cools to 5 ° C and hot BLCK heated to 25 ° C
a. The first law of thermodynamics.
b. the second law of thermodynamics
c. third law of thermodynamics
d. all previous

4. The effect of cooling in a refrigertor is produced by:
a. compressing the gas into liquid cooling.
b. Spray coolant.
c. sufficient insulation.
d. an electric motor that converts electrical energy into heat.


Mr.Vjkr said...

1. A
2. --
3. --
4. B

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