Saturday, February 20, 2010

S Lab 2 Xt Wings Why Would Lab Mice Infected With The Plague Not Be Considered A Health Hazzard If They Went Missing.?

Why would lab mice infected with the plague not be considered a health hazzard if they went missing.? - s lab 2 xt wings

This seems a little strange that no worries.

For those of you who have not heard the news that I speak, disappeared from a laboratory in Newark, New Jerzey, in a laboratory bioterrorism, 2 mice, they had the plague, scientists have reported someone for 7 weeks.

Maybe it's just my type, but this is unusual appears.


the_inqu... said...

It is a difficult question. I would say that there be a possibility the problem, but maybe I'm worried not only about the dinner. I think it would be better not happen again. I think I have more that people know as soon as possible so that they keep their eyes open and be on guard. But I'm not really worried that maybe the mice, before someone dies, even the infected and most people know the disease-carrying mice and to be careful with them.

JAR said...

I think it is because the disease transmitted by fleas living on mice were the mice themselves. It would be useful to know if they escape even though the chips that can transfer them, we should be good.

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