Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nipple Clamidia Conserned About Fertility. Please Help.?

Conserned about fertility. Please Help.? - nipple clamidia

I tried to get pregnant for 9 months. I have an irregular period. At one point in my life I had contracted chlamydia from my BF and then immediately released him, then gave me ghonarea. Once again went to the doctor and had the right be4 my insurance is taken over. Drugs they do not make me for him and held him for another 6 months. (until I get insurance) have now had to be re-insurance, and because my neck had frozen cells precancerious. all I wanted was a family from me and I am afraid of death you can not get pregnant. my period started yesterday at noon, and it is starting to adopt. it was too early and was too heavy. now less than half what it was yesterday, and urinating instant messaging like nipples are too painful, but always about me when I have my period. I think I'm just looking for some advice ... maybe a little hope


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