Sunday, February 7, 2010

Girdle Stockings Woman Do Women Wearing Garter Belts And Stockings Wear Girdles Over Them , Or Do They Use The Girdles With The Tabs?

Do women wearing garter belts and stockings wear girdles over them , or do they use the girdles with the tabs? - girdle stockings woman

Why would you do both? I wear pantyhose every day, usually with a garter belt, panties or boy shorts and a device with a short waist League card in it and only a thong underneath. Sometimes a sexy corset or cinch the waist, but the basic clothing should always be in the league, if you wear the corset decorated on the outside like a dress is


LookinDe... said...

Use with tape tabs.

Elizabeth M said...

Use the tabs championship belt, not stupid!

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