Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Does My Mouth Get Dry And I Drink Lots Of Water Heavy, Long-lasting Period, Extremely Thirsty Even After Drinking A Lot Of Water, Headaches..why? Help!! Thx!?

Heavy, long-lasting period, extremely thirsty even after drinking a lot of water, headaches..why? Help!! Thx!? - why does my mouth get dry and i drink lots of water

(Note: I have hypothyroidism) My period lasted updated approximately 16 days. This often happens, but this time it is very difficult and takes longer - and I am much more water than I normally do. I drink water and my mouth still feels dry. I received a lot of headaches in the past two days. I have repeatedly issued Doctors long period and not assert my doctor that change the control of my birth. What the hell is wrong with me?


Julie said...

You may experience a different Doctor's Orders thirst, you try to check your blood sugar in the blood.

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