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Abortion Clinics In Ottawa I Have A Few Questions About Abortion Laws And Procedures In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada?

I have a few questions about abortion laws and procedures in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada? - abortion clinics in ottawa

I was curious about some of the laws on abortion clinics in Ottawa.

One of my friends came to me for advice, as do about the possibility of pregnancy, but I have no knowledge on this subject.

Although I have said, first make buying a pregnancy test, that it really is, says she wants to have an abortion if they become pregnant because of her age.

I ask myself is this;

Even though I know it is legal to have abortions in Canada, can go through this process to receive and abortion?

Doing it for the most general hospitals, or is it a clinic was set up specifically for this purpose?

Are there any known health problems that warrant against this action?

As my friend is in the majority and do not want to know his mother, the laws on advertising and / or data?

It is to be financed in the private sector, it is true, or is there a cost for this procedure?

Thank you for your


Linz said...

go to the doctor and say I want an abortion ... is a day of the operation .. D & C
the day before the insertion of a store that is losing stretch the cervix into the uterus and then executes the next day, we are the uterus and out .. and left after waking. It's free and relatively safe. Even if your friend is not the consent of their parents .... she is over 12

Angela R said...

The decision for an abortion is surely a personal decision. However, if you are planning an abortion, just to avoid Geting caught by their parents, they really need something to think about your decision. Encourage them to talk to Consellor pregnancy, before a final decision in a contact center, as unplanned pregnancy, family planning, etc.. What she decides to be the rest of his life and impact Consellor able to help you through this difficult time.

Do your own thinking! said...

I'm from Ottawa, so we'll see if I get something useful for you ...

It will be in one or the other end of the local hospital or clinic, Morgentaler, I think, the end where you can be done here.

Ottawa Morgentaler Clinic
Morgentaler Clinic
65 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5N2

Phone: (613) 567-8300

The FAQ on the site of many answers to your questions. It is fully covered by OHIP, and they did not need anyone's permission. (I _do_ like this country.)

I had a curettage of fact about a miscarriage in the Ottawa Civic. One complaint: I was there during the night (essential, but you can find a bonus when the offer is. If not, then go home, too), and I was in this _maternity ward_ which is not really wherever you want - Babysitting & C - if they suffer a loss of pregnancy.

An abortion is only doneRisk of complications cause minutes. This would be the least of my concerns with the procedure. It should _not_ affect your ability to get pregnant in the future, at least. I'm pregnant again without difficulty, just months after a D & C.

I had a little pain - terrible cramps - The D & C (which was performed under general anesthesia). That was pretty fast (2 days or so), but is still ugly, be sure to leave the hospital or clinic with analgesics.

If there is only the beginning of a pregnancy, you can see a chemical abortion - in fact, take pills in order to distribute the contents of the uterus as a time. There is no pain or immediately, but.

"In Ottawa, you can choose the hospital or private practice. There are few differences between them.

a) The Morgentaler Clinic (private) for the procedures for more than 17 weeks and use a local anesthetic. Running only 2 days per week, but a procedure for a visit.

b) Civic HospitalProcedures up to 18 weeks, with general anesthesia. This is a 2 visit procedure. ...


Ottawa Civic Hospital, 761-4921
Riverside Hospital 738-8246
Morgentaler Clinic 567-3360
(# S ...)

Years ago there was a girl that I know of one case in Riverside, I do not know too many details, but it was good enough in print within hours. I have no complaints about the Civic next to their bad taste, rather than in the patients. I also believe that Morgentaler, the country has taken a fancy to it .... and options, these are for what should be a choice rather embarrassing to do so well. Best of luck.

jenn_smi... said...

In Canada, they must be able to seek an abortion, even with your doctor or your gynecologist to. If the doctor does not perform abortions, which may relate to someone who is. In Canada, abortions are by the national health plan. If you go to a private doctor or clinic, may pay out of pocket to do so. It should be able to get an abortion in their local hospital or clinic, you need to call but to be safe. You probably can call the hotline or the NHS call and contact with suppliers.

In Canada and other industrialized countries, abortion is the safest medical procedures experienced by women. Complication rates are extremely low.

In Canada, as far as I know, a minor consent from their parents, can not be an abortion. It would be better if he spoke to his parents, but they did not.

If your friend is still unsure or have questions about unwanted pregnancies, an online bookings can have at their disposal, the eyes: ... and ....

And in response to that response, I had an abortion, I never regretted it, and I had no complications or problems that arise.

Good luck to you and your friend!

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