Friday, January 22, 2010

Grecian Formula What Are Side Effects When Will MOSSAD'S Bin Laden Plant Begin Doing Commercials For Grecian Formula?

When will MOSSAD'S bin laden plant begin doing commercials for grecian formula? - grecian formula what are side effects

Wake up, people! They are processed. And bin Laden, to handle.


TruthSeeker, US American said...

I do not care who you are, it's funny!


dinodino said...

Lol. Or maybe you've been hanging out with Walt Frazier and Keith Hernandez!

maozSFCU said...

Why not the brown hood of the rest of the raid on his face! the color that corresponds to the rest of your personality!
Do you think your comment is anti-Semitic, a violation of the policy of Yahoo, and just plain stupid and unfounded!

consrgre... said...

Attention Shoppers ... Special aluminum cans, one day ...... make beautiful hats, before the black helicopters

Bruce J said...

I have a smile away. Oh, my brother, the action is condensed.

Check out "Freedom of fascism. It is an independent documentary, Michael Moore-style. The man goes in search of an answer to the question" Is there a law that the Americans pay, taxes? "

What he finds will blow your mind. He began to dig, to discover in the international banks and some shocking revelations about how the relationships in our foreign policy.

It is a low budget and little hokey funded in parts, but these themselves. And ... like I said ... Results May surprise.

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