Monday, January 4, 2010

Copd Phlegm Quite Upset... (details Inside)?

Quite upset... (details inside)? - copd phlegm

I can not stop worrying. My father had all kinds of health problems. CHF, COPD, chronic gout, and I think phlebitis. Well, his lungs filled, and the song breath, 911 and we took her to hospital to have to drain the fluid. This happened 8-9 times (I think) in the last 7-8 years. I am now 16 almost 16 and HES 71st Both parents died at 71 and his mother died of heart problems. My father was always short of breath. But the last time because he couldnt phelgm coughed blood and breath. It seems that a lot hes a little weaker. For a week he had this cough as wet. Since the mucus in the throat and tell him about it and said: "I'm fine." I am very worried for him, I think, HES will die soon. And I feel like crying in the night about it.

Can anyone help me to stop this very much? Some advice?


Darkchil... said...

I'm sorry to hear about health problems of parents. Probably it was hard to see you during the last 8 years, it, so sick. However, we know it is very difficult for his father. I know everyone can say there is nothing to do or to discuss your situation easier for you and your father. Spend much time with him, as you can. Hear what he has to say. Time spent with your loved ones is precious. This is something that can not be returned. Not in the fact that he might die to live, is an inescapable part of life and care while he is here, so you always have the memories, and no one can remove. So please talk to your mother about it and you two both have probably the same feeling can be very therapudic for you to be able to talk to her, and ww. Good luck to you and your father.

~jessi~ aka....mommy said...

in so sorry to hear that ... u just remember that God has planned things and the things he wants ... My advice is to pray for him!

possonia... said...

God has plans for you and your father. Even if you live longer, God wants to help let go of the pain of his father. I'd better pray for him, but if he does not pray at a leisurely pace. During this time doing what you always wanted to do with it, then it is that things can.

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