Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tow Truck Loans Bankruptcy Information ,a More Detailed Question?

Bankruptcy Information ,a more detailed question? - tow truck loans

Thank you "valstpatrick. I think I should be clearer. I co-signs a loan truck in another state. I have a credit score of 737th Having a 2 for a credit score! Or anywhere nearby. The car was a Company received notice, and he said, is very good. The other party has failed to make payments and the truck was in the redemption. The bank called me the first time that I missed a payment. I finally got involved and the money . Or so it seemed. Oh, and I'm not overly effective 20g. Well, after the truck was subject to repurchase I tried to sell all the residue and the truck to pay. The bank asked me 3 personal references, my last 2 wage and proof of insurance. I have every reason except that the INS. It would be the creation of accessories for the bank because they sell the car and he heard them and I am not in politics., Now is the truck in the auction, if I as a whole through after the sale, will be present. I can not afford a payment of equal width. the amount due. loading the truck and can pull a house!. I hope, although he enjoyedlive on my money! Thanks again, Mark


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