Monday, January 25, 2010

Is The Uc Berkeley Questionnaire Bad I Got An Email From UC Berkeley About Filling Out Another Supplemental Questionnaire. Is This Good Or Bad?

I got an email from UC Berkeley about filling out another supplemental questionnaire. Is this good or bad? - is the uc berkeley questionnaire bad

Here's what she said: [Does this mean that I will seek to raise my application? Why do they ask for short answers?]

We began our review of your application that you write and ask you to be able to read to fill out a questionnaire. Every year we ask a small group of students to receive more information in order to improve their application. We can not stress enough that this information can only do for you.


Ms. Sun said...

Make sure you go back and review your application and note (the errors or omissions, the correction will take over the questionnaire). Upon receipt of the questionnaire, which means that all information is provided in your application to the Admissions Office has been insufficient to help them to make a clear decision, so that the answers to every question in detail, with examples, if a complete picture of all are adversity necessary / fights I did. Keep in mind that the Admissions Office, which has achieved everything possible to convince them. You can always offered with the finger of civility in the school (lack of resources, not enough courses, scheduling conflicts, etc.) or other personal circumstances. However, keep the focus on what you have done to overcome these obstacles.

atnib said...

I am in a position to exactly the same. I have, but at UCLA. At first I was .. horrified. Because I thought that meant my question was not good enough. But they just want to know more about you and what is his power. My advisor told me that their ability to control its results. Give them a terrible answer and show that his first impression was correct. Do you think you need it, select a group of "young" want to give him a second chance. The questionnaire for UCB is different, I'm sure UCLA. For mine, I have 2 essays to write! And in my notes for the 1st Semester (fingers crossed, I 1, AP Calculus, my first C in 16 years of my life.)

Good luck:)

Knowledg... said...

I would definitely complement, as well as you can. I have a PhD and have done in education for many years good service. I would not worry. Sometimes universities want to reduce the field, or you simply want more information. I'm sure everything will be fine! :-)

renagade... said...

Sounds like it could at the border, and who wants to improve their writing skills. Or may believe that somen else wrote his essay.

Pat said...

You are at the border. It is only help to fill.

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