Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chinese Zodiac Snake Woman Whats A Better Compatibility In The Chinese Zodiac?

Whats a better Compatibility in The Chinese Zodiac? - chinese zodiac snake woman

In a love relationship or friendship
Male Female Snake and Sheep
Snake Man & Woman Horse


honey said...

The Serpent and the relationship of love sheep is very sensitive. The lines are things of the life of these people: they are both passionate drama addicts. Romantic healthy. Freak Out sheep in the infidelity of the snakes, while the snake is the occasional need for a sheep for an adventure. Snakes can make available, and the sheep are committed to starting and will be made available. Both are charming and friendly, attentive staff. His is a delicious complicity. It is a battle for the mirrored bathroom.

The snake and the horse strongly attracted to each other. The miracle of the serpent, and promiscuity is not well paid by the arrow to the right, true, on horseback. Her social life is rich and full. The horses have little confidence in their sexuality, but snakes have more than enough for everyone. The party will not complain if Horsey get if the snake is on a mission from sexy, romantic night before her wedding.

dbraunof... said...

The Chinese zodiac is as much as anything else in the zodiac -.

Heart's True Desire said...

Snake Man & Woman Horse

Paige said...

No horse serpent

Sheep I'ms but what I have said is that the snake is not a better horse

harlemma... said...

might have a woman or an ox ... its stable and reliable ...

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