Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Addisons Disease Heart Arrhythmia Is There A Connection Between Addisons Disease, Diabetes, And PCOS?

Is there a connection between Addisons Disease, Diabetes, and PCOS? - addisons disease heart arrhythmia

My (mother deceased) grandmother Addison crisis in 40th My cousin has type 1 diabetes, and my sister and I have insulin resistance and polycystic ovary syndrome. Is there a connection?


Bolt said...

Yes, it can be. Addison type 2 (Schmidt) includes diabetes. I suppose, because it can by hyperinsulinemia, is also a factor in PCOS. ...

penny said...

Including insulin resistance and PCOS is genetic, but my endocrinologist told me that women with PCOS to receive things from the environment rather than genetics, and is more of a chance.

There is a link between PCOS, insulin resistance and diabetes

I do not think that there is a connection with Addison's disease, but even if it is an endocrine disorder. The consent of the other with insulin, but not Addison.

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