Saturday, January 9, 2010

Accelerated Emt Course EMT Training In San Francisco - Accelerated Course?

EMT Training in San Francisco - accelerated course? - accelerated emt course

I think that by training for basic EMT (do not learn as an EMT). I understand that this is a hospital and outpatient long drive component, the excellent opportunities to learn and also seems to support the community.

I've heard of full-time course can be completed in less than two weeks.

(1) Anyone know of such a program in San Francisco Bay?
(2) An idea for a show so quickly?
(3) alternatives to the EMT training is not for someone in the medical field, but who wants to learn something about the emergency in the depths of the basic CPR and the AED?

Thank you!


rita_ala... said...

Shortest EMT-Basic program that I saw was a month of 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. I doubt that it is preparing a program to be completed within two weeks. There is a minimum requirement of hours for the course, and it would be impossible to implement in such a short time.
If not go as an EMT or need to be trained for a job or volunteer opportunity, why take the course of the work? The only reason I ask is because learning to use PSP to specialized equipment, and when you do not have access to computers, the EMT that the training is not very good.
The best thing you have to take a course in the first response (80 hours drive from what I remember). You will learn how to get first aid on the basic level of play and learn how to wait for a patient to a higher level of care to stabilize. This is a course for people who may have been the first response to emergencies intended, but you do not need the procedure for the comprehensive emergency care to learn. There are many police officers, firefighters, where utilitiesamplifiers, etc., who trained at the first intervention.
If you continue to take the EMT-Basic course, go! But you can not learn those skills, they respect not really translate well to, not an ambulance or a bag of trauma are available.
Hope this helps!

R W said...

If you learn how to save a life .... There are no shortcuts ... God forbid if you die, it would help or try to help. Someone who has really learned (the long and difficult way) or someone who held a crash course.

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